How To Remove Bank Account in PhonePe

by Editorial Team

Do you want to remove your Bank account in PhonePe and delete the UPI profile from the app? If yes then here we will tell you, step by step how you can do that.

You can add multiple Bank account in PhonePe and use all bank account for money transfer and online payments.  If you want to remove your all linked Bank accounts or single account from PhonePe and want to use other UPI applications for UPI transactions then follow the below process and remove your Bank account.

Remove Bank Account in PhonePe

If you have changed your UPI application or want to remove bank account in PhonePe for other reasons then follow these steps:

Open PhonePe application and tap on My Money.  Select the Bank Account in the Payment methods section.

PhonePe UPI bank Accounts

Next screen you can see your all linked (added) Bank accounts. To remove any bank account, just tap on the Recycle bin button as you can see below the screenshot.

Phonepe remove bank account

Now confirm your request and tap on UNLINK.

Phonepe remove bank account

That’s it your Bank account will be removed from the PhonePe app.

Please note, if you unlink (remove) your bank account, you will not be able to make any transfer through the PhonePe app. However, it will not affect your bank account or its usage through other UPI apps. You can link (add) your bank account with other UPI applications.

If you wish to add your bank account again in the PhonePe app then yes you can do that. You don’t need to set UPI PIN using the Debit card when you add your bank account again.


(1) After removing the Bank account from PhonePe, my UPI transfer will be disabled?

Ans: No not at all, you can add your bank account again in PhonePe or other UPI applications and start using UPI services.

(2) Can I add my Bank Account again in PhonePe?

Ans: Yes, you can add your Bank account again in PhonePe, just go to My Money – Bank Account and tap in Add Bank Account.

(3) After deleting the Bank account, my UPI ID also removed?

Ans: No, your UPI ID will not be removed.

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